Cell Phone Holder

Stow your phone and have quick-and-easy access to every ring, buzz, or beep. Also great when you only need the essentials and don't want to lug around a big bag! 
•  Magnetic button/snap closures
•  Zippered pouch
•  Multi-use pockets and ID window
•  Wrist strap with 5.5" drop •  5" height, 3.5" width

There are different types of Cell Phone holders in the new Catalog under Clip-Ons. Available in Black, Grape, Metallic, Ocean, Ocelot, Orange, Scarlet, Stone. 

Double Zip Phone Holder- Clip-on - $25

The two older types of Cell Phone holders are priced the same at close out prices.
Cell Phone holder

Available in these colors
 Flap Cell Phone holder:
Flap Cell Phone holder